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Agar-Agar, Alginates, Carrageenans and Propylene Glycol Alginate
are gums extracted from the seaweeds.

It provides outstanding functional properties which can be used to control moisture and texture to stabilize food systems.

· Pet Food · Bakery products · Ice-cream · Jams & marmalades
· Dressing & sauces · Desserts · Animal feed · Water jellies
· Beverage · Pudding · Diary products · Infant food
· Air-fresheners · Meat preserves · Toothpaste · Cosmetics
· Dental Impression

Commonly called Agar is a water soluble gum extracted from certain red seaweeds known as Gelidium or Glacilaria.

The use of this brown seaweed has been well-known since ancient times. They are found along rocky coasts in North Atlantic. In order to make stable water-soluble alginate products, different salts are incorporated.

This red seaweed produce extracts which composes a family of hydrocolloids including agar and three other types of carrageenans (namely kappa, iota and lambda). Large growth of seaweed farming can be found in Philippines, Indonesia as well as the French coastal areas.

Propylene Glycol Alginate
It is purified and standardized alginate extracted from brown seaweed . Conversion of alginic acid to ester is performed by reaction of its free acidic groups with propylene oxide.