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LBG Replacer

2 Sep, 2021

LBG Replacer

Product :

Macogum™ type LR-100 (non clear)

Macogum™ type LRC-200 (clear)

Description :

LR-100 & LRC-200’s main components are galactomannans and vegetable gum extracts. Both have quite similar properties and texture as Locust Bean Gum (LBG) but slightly higher viscosity.

Use Level :

By using 1 to 1 direct replacement ratio in exchange with LBG used in the formation.


  • Water gel jellies · Sauces
  • Beverages & Juices · Ice cream
  • Meat products · Others etc


Benefits :


  • Lower costs(based on 1 to 1 direct replacement for LBG)
  • Clearer solution or gel for end products
  • Almost black specks free
  • Stable pricing
  • Having almost same texture/quality as using 100% LBG.